Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walk to the Library

After my post yesterday, I went to the library. I returned two books, picked up two books I'd requested, and found two other books to take home with me.

On the way, I played with my new camera and discovered that Winter had arrived!

The first bridge on my walk is a tiny one:

Followed by the covered bridge that I like so much.

There's a fabulous view of a fountain further up in the water, but there were only so many photos I could download. I'll add it tomorrow. You can see the fountain in the background on this photo, though.

This is part of the maze of townhouse-like buildings in what is actually a business park.

The maze is full of stairs, ramps and other levels, as well as winding paths.

Beside the lake, is this little outlook point at the back of the mill.

I love walking to the library. It's so pretty.

But I didn't love the results of the walk last night and today. It felt like winter, and I could tell it was cold, but I didn't feel cold. Unfortunately, I am now dealing with the reaction my muscles always have when they get cold. My back muscles are all crampy and sore. I plan to do some serious laying down today interspersed with other activities that support my back.

The most vigorous item planned for today is pulling out the heating pad for my back.


I've finished the second front part of the pockets, and gotten three quarters of the way through the back down to the bottom of the pockets. By tomorrow, I expect to be where I was three days before.

No point in photos, they just show less than the photos I've already posted.


Pushing Daisies is back with a new episode tonight! And at 11 pm, Van Helsing is on TNT.

Have a great one!

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