Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow Tomorrow!

My new needle case arrived last night!

For anyone who knows me, you can see immediately that it's mine. I have white mullets (five-pointed stars) on  a blue background, and the same thing with the colors reversed (counterchanged) on my SCA arms, so when camping, I mark my things with a mullet.

There's plenty of room for all my needles, plus a few more, should I want more. Two sets of needle tips are not in the case because they're being used. It's got room for 4 different lengths of cables so that I can find them without having to measure them against each other. Left would have 24 inch cables (if I wasn't using all of them at the moment), next is all the 32 inch cables (I'm not using any of them now), then the one 40 inch cable that I'm not using, and an empty space for the 47 inch cables that are ordered and will probably arrive later this week.

If you want a wonderful bag like mine (I think she said she made two of them), check out LunaStitch on Etsy. If you see anything you like, buy it quick, because they're moving out as fast as she can make them!


John has a new post up with more Steve Canyon news and some great photos and trivia! Volume one will be out really soon, and the excitement is mounting. 

There are photos from the series, along with trivia about the actors and episodes, and photos of some of the menus on the discs.

You may be seeing news reports on the internet about it soon.


There's a new episode of Supernatural on tonight! Check it out on the CW.

Also, we have Eleventh Hour and Life on Mars, naturally on at the same time.

The SciFi Channel will also be having their weekly Doctor Who episode late tonight/early tomorrow (5 am here). This week it's The Doctor's Daughter, a really excellent episode, and the set-up for a spin-off if I ever saw one.

There's also a weekly broadcast of reruns of Knitty Gritty at 6:30 am on Home and Garden TV.

I have some errands to do that I've been putting off since Monday, so I should get rolling.

Have a great day!

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