Tuesday, November 25, 2008

They're Here!

The brand new copies of The Complete Steve Canyon on TV Volume 1 arrived at John's on Thursday (late), and he's been going crazy mailing them out ever since. If you ordered, yours is probably already in the mail, but the last few should be going out today, if all goes to plan.

I got my copy yesterday, and I'm so excited! The covers and labels look great! 

It arrived late, and I haven't gotten a chance to see the actual episodes yet, but I can see at a glance that I did the covers, etc. well.

Please do click on the link and order your own copy if you're into Steve Canyon!


It looks like I've been commissioned to make some Christmas stockings. There are several of them, so they'll be taking up a lot of my time between now and Christmas. But that means a bit of extra Christmas money! Photos will go up here as they are finished. Which will be exciting for the first one, and then boring after that, since they will all be alike except for names and dates. But you will get to see it here as it develops.


The Mentalist and Fringe will be new episodes tonight! Enjoy!


My arm is still hurting from the fall, so I'm going to try harder to give it a rest by not knitting as much or blogging/using the internet as much. Hence the short post. The stockings will be in worsted weight yarn with small needles at a gauge of 7 stitches per inch, so they'll require a bit of muscle. I knitted a swatch the other night and it made my arm even sorer than it was. So I'm going to have to balance my efforts to get them all done by Christmas with a little common sense.

Have a great day!

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