Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feather and Fan Socks

You'll need to know something about knitting socks to do this because I assume you know how to make a gusset, heel flap, etc. I made my heel flap in plain stockinnet because things tend to irritate my feet and give me blisters easily, so I'd rather darn a hole or knit a whole new sock than limp around on blisters.

Stuff you'll need

1 ball of Knit Picks Risata for each sock. Mine are in the color Dusk.

Size 1 (2.5 mm) needles of your choice (DPs, 47 inch circular for magic loop method, whatever)

Measuring instrument (tape measure, small ruler, whatever)

The tapestry needle and scissors you need for every project

Modified feather & fan stitch (in the round)

Rows 1, 2, & 3: K around

Row 4: *K2 tog* 3 times, *YO, K 1* 6 times, *K2 tog* 3 times

Row 5: Purl around

8 stitchs per inch. Just make sure that the total stitches around fit your foot circumfrence.

Start Knitting

Cast on 108 sts.

K1, Sl 1, K1, PSSO around, placing marker after 18 sts. 72 sts.

Work 11 repeats of modified feather & fan stitch.

Work 1 row of K. Next row, *K3, K2 tog, K 8, K2 tog, K 3* around (4 reps) there will now be 16 stitches in each quarter (64 sts total).

Work even in St St for 1 inch. Mark work.

Work heel flap (3.5 inches for me)

Make square heel: *K to center of heel flap, K 7, K2 tog, turn. Purl to center of heel flap, P 7, P2 tog, turn* Rep until all side stitches are used.

Pick up sts on sides of heel flap and make a standard gusset.

K even until about an inch from the end of your toes. Measure this and note the length for the next one.

K to within 2 sts of the end of first needle, SSK. At beg of next needle, K2 tog, then work across in K. Repeat. One dec rnd made. K 1 rnd even.

Alternate dec rnd with even rnd until 12 sts rem at end of dec rnd. Work one more dec rnd without an even rnd between it and the last one.

Weave toe together. Darn in ends.

Make another one just like it.


Additional note: Knit Picks has discontinued the yarn I used for these. You can use any fingering weight sock yarn. I think the original yarn came in balls that were 230 yards, but the socks didn't use quite a whole ball, so you could probably get away with less, but if you buy yarn that comes in 166 yard balls, you're going to need three of them for a pair.

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