Wednesday, May 21, 2008


John called me up last night with a question. He wanted to know what the "WIP" under the photo of the hood with the cable on it meant.

I not only explained that it stood for Work in Progress, but I also explained more knitting acronyms than he ever wanted to hear:

FO stands for Finished Object, so of course,

UFO stands for UnFinished Object

Frog is the rippit, rippit stitch

And Tink (knit spelled backward) is, of course, un-knitting!

He suddenly had to rescue a baby bird from his driveway and feed the dogs, so he had to hang up.

I'm sure he was enthralled with all this information.

Not a lot is happening around here, so I'm going to quit blogging for the day.



After I wrote that, I went to Ravelry, and was reading their weekly news, and found this:

On one of the discussion threads, someone (people shall remain anonymous during this post) said that she was going on a plane trip and wanted to bring along something to knit, but was worried about what she could take onboard with her, and asked for suggestions for a project.

The answer she got was: snakes! Someone said she should knit snakes on a plane!

The post referred her to a design for a snake themed scarf.

I should read Ravelry before I post.

Here is an article on Ravelry about the BBC clashing with some knitters over Doctor Who. I haven't read the whole thing yet. I have  a busy day planned, but I will read it very soon.

There will probably be more discussion about this tomorrow. Pay attention. There may be a test!

Have a great Wednesday!
I'm sorry about the info on Ravelry. I just found out that you can't go to the link or read it unless you already belong to Ravelry.

Here's a photo of the bird John went off to chase.


  1. Nope can't read it unless you belong to Ravelry already

  2. That danged little squab must've come to his senses and flew away! *smack smack...drool!* Oh well...hi Holleeeee ;-)