Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome to the Middle of the Month

Today is the 15th of May, and that means that we're about half-way through the month.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a really dynamite day on the SciFi channel. Their daytime rotation will be "Firefly," starting from the beginning with both episodes of "Serenity" and concluding with "Jaynestown," which is my favorite episode. If you're not familiar with Firefly, you should watch the whole series to get full enjoyment out of it. But it is funny.

On Sunday, SciFi will be having an Indiana Jones orgy. Check your schedules.

After not seeing a movie in a theater since Order of the Phoenix last summer, there are suddenly three movies coming out that Holly and I want to see, and they're being released on consecutive weekends.

First is Prince Caspian, the nearly next Narnia story. Well, it's the next one with the same children in it. I've read the stories, but I'm rereading it in this book, which is the approximate weight of the "Dawn Treader." It's not fun to carry around.

Anyway, the next movie in this cavalcade is the new Indiana Jones movie. See the aforementioned reference to Indiana Jones, and catch the previous movies on SciFi. By the way, if your love the theme music from the Indiana Jones movies you'll be fine. But If you don't want to hear it, turn the sound down on your computer before you click the link. I loved it for the first minute or so, but it gets old quickly.

Then, for Memorial Day weekend, the Sex in the City movie will be coming up.

Maybe we can see it on Sunday so that I can bring my towel with me for Towel Day. By the way, I have 10 inches of my towel done, and am beginning to think that I might be happier with a towel that's 20 x 30 inches rather than one that's 30 x 40 inches. Not only am I debating how much fun this is going to be to carry, but how much time do I actually want to spend knitting it?

I'm overwhelmed by all this.

Have a great middle-of-the-month!

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