Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Silk Yarn Arrived!

The silk yarn arrived yesterday!

It's very pretty. That goes without saying. It's silk.

The "grey" yarn is less grey and more beige than I'd expected, but it's still pretty.

So now I have to wind it into balls and get started.

They will be transformed into bags to hold runes.

I've chosen Wunjo for happiness, Kenaz for creativity, Algiz for protection (also, it appeared in a movie I worked on and appeared in--New Genesis) and Fehu for wealth.

Actually, I think Holly wants the same runes on hers. I know she wants Wunjo, Kenaz and Algiz. I don't think we ever settled what the last one should be.

If this goes well, it may be the start of a book for me.

There's a jewelry company, Wild Women, that sells jewelry at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and their slogan is "Jewelry with significance." Everything has a symbol on it that means or meant something in some culture. They have mermaids, stars, runes, and lots of other symbols on their jewelry.

Symbols change, though. In the Middle Ages, a five pointed star (called a mullet) was considered a symbol of knighthood. The points of the stars symbolize the rowels on spurs, which were worn by knights. Today a star seems to be a symbol of freedom, happiness, and hope. I like stars.

The same goes for colors as symbols. If you look at paintings of the Madonna from the Middle Ages, you'll see that she is always dressed in blue, the color of purity. Now, if we thought about a color to represent purity, we would probably choose white.

I'm thinking of a book with knits of significance. Knitting patterns with all sorts of symbols from other cultures.

Did any of you see the beginning of the movie, "The DaVinci Code"? Near the beginning Tom Hanks' character gives a speech about symbols. He shows a bunch of people who are identified by the audience as KKK members. Then he explains that they're really an ancient order of monks. And he shows a swastika, which brings on another negative reaction, but he traces the symbol back to it's peaceful roots from several cultures. The Norse rune, sowulo means success, and Hitler used it twice as the symbol for his incorrectly called "SS."

Actually, sowulo might be a good rune to use on one of the bags.

You can find out about runes here.

I'll be winding yarn and mulling it over.

Have a great day.

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