Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hi, Strangers!

When I mentally gave myself permission to not have to blog every single day, I didn't anticipate that it would take me this long to post a new one.

But a lot of things conspired to make problems for me.

Blogger changed their whole dashboard, etc, and it suddenly didn't work on my desktop computer. I should note that my DT computer is an iMac that's probably at least 15 years old. It has all my workhorse programs on it, but the internet seems to have all upgraded in the space of a week, and that meant that suddenly the whole internet was speaking Greek as far as it was concerned. I can't access the internet at all on it.

I have upgraded to a newer laptop, but it doesn't have all the programs I like and use on it. I still have to get around to loading them up, and I have things that I really have to do that have been distracting me from it, along with my allergies making me to sick to want to do anything all the time.

I want to put up photos in my posts so that it's more interesting, but PhotoShop is on the other computer. I think I'm going to have to investigate iPhoto so I can put up photos here.

But the most important thing is to just write something, so here goes.


Last weekend was the Fall Fiber Fest!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go.

I don't have a car anymore, and Holly was having a problem with her brakes, so, to make up for not going and buying a special treat, I bought a treat over the internet, in the form of two pair of Signature straight needles.

I had gotten a pair of size nines in seven inch length with a bell cap and stiletto points in the past, and I love them! I did a potato chip scarf with them out of Mary Maxim Mohair Glitter yarn. Don't turn up your nose because it says Mary Maxim. It's very nice yarn! It has some mohair in with the acrylic and it does have some very sparkly fiber in it, too.

The nines are purple, like these, but mine have the bell cap.

The colorway I bought is Seaspray, which has an assortment of pastel colors in it including green, pink, lavender, blue and turquoise.

I enlarged the photo a lot, so it's a little pixilated (OK, a lot), but you can see the colors better. It seems I can put photos up when I swipe them from the internet. I don't think I'll get in trouble for this because it's really free advertising for the yarn.

This is a very fine yarn that you can knit with a larger needle because of the mohair filling in the spaces. It says to use size nine needles, which is what I did, but the result is very open and airy. I would use a smaller needle if I was making a sweater that I wanted either to actually cover, as opposed to display me, or actually wanted it to provide some warmth. But for the scarf, it's perfect!

I started off using the potato chip scarf pattern that's been bouncing around the internet that uses 20 stitches. I found it awfully narrow, and not ruffly enough to suit me, so I changed it to 24 stitches and an extra short row, which made it wider and gave it a lot more ruffle. Pictures to come when I get off my lazy rear end.

Anyway, I wound up with a scarf that looks like it's made of fairy dust!

Now that it's done, I bought some lavender Lion Brand Fun Fur and am making a scarf with it on the same size 9 needles. Unfortunately, I only bought two balls of it, and the length scarf I want will need another ball. I have to get back to the store to get more. It's currently my traveling project. If I'm working on a large project that I don't want to carry around, I usually also work on a smaller, more portable project like a scarf or socks.

So (back to the original point of this before I strayed off into Signature needle rhapsodies), I ordered two more pair of Signature straight needles in 7 inch length, with stiletto points and bell caps in sizes 5 and 2-1/2. Both of them happen to be blue. Here's a photo of blue Signatures, but keep in mind that mine have bell caps.

I also ordered more yarn from Mary Maxim to make a baby blanket for my soon to appear (January) new great grandson. The yarn is called Prism, and it's multicolored (important for the project) and machine wash and dry. I've raised a baby, and I can guarantee that she doesn't want anything that isn't wash and wear.

This is also really enlarged so you can see the color better. They show this made up in a capelet in their catalog, and the blue gets so light in that sample that it's almost an off white, so this sample may or may not be an accurate color sample. Either way, I think it'll be a nice blanket for a baby/little boy,

For the blanket, I'm planning on using my new size 5 needles to work it in domino knitting.

I also bought a book from Amazon that arrived on Tuesday (actually, it arrived on Monday, but the people at the apartment building I live in wouldn't give it to me until Tuesday), called Domino Knitting. I was a little unsure about spending money on it, but now that it's here, I love it!

The blanket will look a lot like the cover of the book, but be knitted in small blocks that, since the yarn is variegated, will look a lot like the cover, but blue. I love the Signature needles! They're like knitting with jewelry!

And we're having a craft class downstairs in less than a half hour, so I'm going to get off the internet and go down there. I'm not really interested in craft lessons, but there are a bunch of nice people and it's fun.

I am going to try to blog more often, even if I don't have any photos. Actually, I don't think I did too bad for not having any photos.

I hope you've been watching Grimm on Fridays and Once Upon a Time on Sundays!

Have a great weekend!