Thursday, May 22, 2008

Introducing... John Ellis

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No, that's not John above. That's Dean Fredricks as Steve Canyon, and the photo is the inside cover of the Steve Canyon Special edition DVD.

I keep talking about my friend, John Ellis, and haven't really told you anything about his background.

Well, this could keep me busy all day. This will be fun for all you science fiction types.

I met John at a Fantasy Convention in 1974. We were introduced by Jackie Lichtenberg.

There's a new section in the sidebar of Other Neat Links and there's one for John, but you should also check out his IMdB page.

He's currently working on collecting and rereleasing all the shows from the Steve Canyon series on TV. You can support him by checking on Steve Canyon in the Other Neat Links in the sidebar. He has the special edition DVD on sale. I did the cover and label art for it, although John really designed it.

Of course, this doesn't really tell you about the person. The little thing about rescuing a baby bird from his driveway says more about him. He was upset, and took time out to rescue a baby bird in distress. Apparently, the mommy bird thought junior was old enough to fly, and pushed him out of the nest (or he fell out). It was probably premature, because he didn't fly, but he seemed to figure it out a little later.

Somebody once told me that you should judge people by the way you feel after you talk to them or are around them.

I always feel better after talking to John, and usually, I am better. I learn something or do something I didn't think I could do. In fact, we seem to do that to each other. Put us together, and we both do better.

He produced Star Quest (rereleased on DVD as Outerworld), Invader, and New Genesis, and directed New Genesis.

I was lucky enough to work on Invader and New Genesis. Most of my credits are under my previously married name, Johann DesRoches.

John lives in California, now, and I miss him a lot. Things have been a bit better since Laura gave me the computer, and I've got it upgraded to a point where we can chat. That way, I get to hear about current, day-to-day projects and it will probably get me the opportunity to work on some of them, like today.

Please do support him in his artistic endeavour. He's a wonderful, creative person, and he deserves it. He's got some great stuff on his blog.

Drop on in!

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