Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Weekend

It's the weekend before Thanksgiving, and, if you judge by TV and the sales, Christmas is here! If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog, there's a countdown timer to Christmas, and it's much closer than it seems like it should be.

There are loads of great Thanksgiving movies, but none of them are on TV. Just Christmas movies.

I'm waiting for the Eloise movies. I read at least one of the Eloise books when I was a kid and I loved her and the books. Whoever did the movies did a great job on them. The non-Christmas one is Eloise at the Plaza, and the other one is Eloise at Christmastime. They are Christmas movies for kids that won't make adults sick. Eloise reminds me of my granddaughter, Kyle in these movies.


So, I've been watching Christmas movies and knitting on my Celtic sweater. It's finally down to the point where there's just garter stitch, worked even until the last ball nearly runs out, and then a picot bind-off.

Oh, and darning in ends, blocking and sewing on buttons.

But I thought you'd like to see the finished side knot. It's much different than the first one, and I like this one better. It continues the Saint John's cross theme from the back, sleeves and hood.

I'll be glad to get back to Christmas present knitting.


Well, science fiction seems to be shoved aside on TV in favor of Christmas movies. I happen to enjoy Christmas movies, but The SciFi Channel seems to be almost the lone oasis of SF this year except for the SF series that we're (thankfully) seeing for the last two or three years.

Holiday movies are fun. We just finished with the batch of Halloween movies, Thanksgiving movies should be on, but aren't, and Christmas is here. The next big movie holiday is Easter, which I always enjoy. The trick with them is to consider them science fiction. Actually, many of the miracles have scientific explanations, if you think about it. Then the 4th of July movies (Independence Day, etc.), and then there's a break before getting back to Halloween.

John has recommended that I see the 24 movie that will be on Fox tonight. It's called 24: Redemption. I haven't gotten into 24 in the past. We'll see.

I hope you've been having a great weekend!



Today is the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who!

Read more about it here!

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  1. Actually I always thought that Thanksgiving was supposed to be on the 3rd Thursday of November, and if that's the case then it's occurring late this year, hence the short time to Christmas.