Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Due to the fun I plan to have tomorrow, I doubt that I will get a chance to post tomorrow, so I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving now.

More than a week ago, I got a notice that there was a package for me, and when I went to pick it up, I was told there were actually two packages. Then the person could only find one, and thought he was mistaken.

Well, after waiting and waiting for my Knit Picks order, (and judging by past performance, they're pretty quick), I finally asked if there was a package for me even though I hadn't gotten a notice.

It turns out that my package had been sitting there for over a week!

So, here's part of it. That's the black Swish DK wool yarn for a hood for John M, and some of the same in blue/lavender for mitts for another Christmas present. The yarn is yummy, and, as you can see, I managed to make the first mitt last night.

Also, (not in the photo) I got some 47 inch cables for my Options kit, and a delightful book called Knockdown Knits. I bought it because I liked the star shaped bag, plus the hat with a big star on it. Written for and by roller derby skaters, it's fun. It's a great book for active people because it has a couple of patterns for slings for injured arms and one to hold a bag of frozen peas for your knee. Plus lots of other fun knits.


A new Pushing Daisies will be on tonight. I got the news this week that it will be canceled along with Eli Stone and I'm sad. I fired off notes to the network protesting both.

Later tonight (actually tomorrow morning at 1:30 here), Timeline will be on the SciFi channel according to the electronic TV Guide that Comcast puts out. According to the SciFi Channel, it will not be on. Check your schedules.

And fibermom mentioned that she wanted to see the Eloise Movies, so I wanted to let here know that they will be on ABC Family on Saturday. Check schedules!


We've been having dull, overcast weather all this month. I ran over to the library to pick up the books they were holding for me in the grey, cold-looking overcast, and as soon as I got back the sun came out. Right now, the sun has just set but it's still lighting up the sky and making everything look very pretty.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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