Monday, November 24, 2008


First of all, let me say that I'm OK.

Yesterday, I scored a new, personal record, and not a good one.

For the last 55 years, I've frequently walked around reading with no ill effects. Yesterday, I broke that record.

I've come to the conclusion that reading while walking (with some caution) is OK. 

Carrying home two big bags of groceries in the dark and using a flashlight to read at the same time doesn't seem to be a good thing, though.

I walked right into a curb that was nearly invisible in the dark. One second, I was walking along with no problems, and the next I was flat on my face in some thick grass with some very soft ground under it. I didn't even have a second to react and try to break my fall.

This is a very nice neighborhood. By the time I realized what happened and began to pick myself up, someone in a car had pulled up next to me and there was someone asking if I needed help. And when I fell, there was not a moving car in sight. I told them I was OK, and went inside. Fortunately, it was right in front of where I live.

I have a very small cut on one hand, and it feels like a very mild case of whiplash along with soreness in my right arm. My neck and arm have been informing me all day that I never should have done that, and they are not amused. I put a gel band aid on my hand, effectively  repairing it immediately. The arm and neck will take a day or two to get back to normal.


I had planned to go to WalMart today for some stuff, but when I checked my email, I had a request to do some Christmas knitting for someone. I spent some time checking the availability of different yarns and the general feasibility of the project. It looks like I'll be knitting five Christmas stockings in a very intricate color pattern. You'll see photos for that if and when it progresses. I'm thinking about doing it in Caron's new Simply Soft Eco yarn. Well, most of it. Santa is on the stocking and has, of course, a white beard and trim on his suit, which I want to make from fuzzy yarn. Plus I need to find some yarn in a  color for his face.


Spike is showing the first two Star Wars movies tonight. Phantom Menace just started and I want to get to see it, so this post will be short. It will be followed by Attack of the Clones.

Of course, SciFi will be having it's usual four hours of Lost tonight starting at seven.

And NBC will have it's usual line-up of Chuck, Heroes, and My Own Worst Enemy.

Oh, and the Eloise movies will be shown on ABC Family next Saturday. If you've read the Eloise books and liked them, these movies look as much as it's possible for live actors to look like the drawings from the book. They are enchanting.

I have some other, exciting news that I can't announce yet (maybe tomorrow). I can hardly wait!

Have a great evening!

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  1. "Carrying home two big bags of groceries in the dark and using a flashlight to read at the same time doesn't seem to be a good thing, though."

    Duh! What were you thinking? You're lucky you didn't break your arm..hip whatever...

    You should have been using the flashlight to watch where you were going! I thought YOU were supposed to be the Mom!