Saturday, November 1, 2008


For all of those people out there who may have been worried about my friends whose home was about to be foreclosed on, they managed to avert disaster by the skin of their teeth. They, and their pets, still have a home, at least for the near future.

I don't know about you, but I can breath easier.


Which leads me to my next topic: politics.

I hate to talk about politics because usually it just accomplishes getting people angry with each other. But lately I've heard people saying things I just find so unbelievable that I am speechless.

For me, the bottom line is to look at things from nine years ago and look at them now.

Nine years ago, I had a job and would be able to get another one should I wish to. Since then, there are now at least 300 people applying for any job that's not at McDonald's or stocking shelves. I've been homeless since then. I'm living on less than 1/3 what I was making then (almost 1/4). I no longer have a car.

Look at your own situation, and look at people around you. If you want homes foreclosed and banks failing, vote Republican. If you want things to go back to a wealthier era, vote Democrat. Or, for you ladies out there, here's a little eye candy who is expressing an intelligent opinion:

Of course, it's John Barrowman.

But, whatever you think, get out there and VOTE!

Oh, and for those ads that say McCain has more experience, I say, "Yeah, he has more experience in standing next to Bush and nodding."


Holly and I were supposed to go out and do something together today. I was not surprised (after hearing her Halloween plans) that she called me and said she didn't feel like doing anything today.

Well, I don't blame her, I don't feel like doing much today, either.

I hope you're having a more energetic (and fun) weekend!

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  1. I voted early! Barak! And since I'm in Arizona, I also voted NO to prop 102 which wants laws amended to say marriage is between a man and a woman. Government needs to stay out of my bedroom. Right, John? Right, Michele.