Monday, November 17, 2008

The Further Adventures of Ms. Bumble

If you've been following my misadventures with the Celtic sweater, you know I've done an extraordinary amount of frogging!

Last night, I got to the bottom of the pocket shaping, and I was having so much fun with the knot I was putting on the side of the sweater that I didn't notice right away that somehow, I managed to wind up with one front that was considerably wider than the other front.

I blame it on the arithmetic. I was always bad at arithmetic. 

So, now I have to analyze it and figure out where I went wrong. After that, there will be some more frogging!

This is what distracted me. I kept holding it up to admire every few rows, while not looking at the fronts at all.

I suspect I'm going to have to frog the back section and one front section. Possibly everything back to the waist.

But the yarn for some Christmas presents will distract me from all this with it's arrival soon. I can show some of what I'll be making because the person already knows about it (he picked the color).


In other news, the new needle case for my Options needles is done and will be mailed out sometime today. I'm very excited about this!

LunaStitch has some great needle cases if you have Options needles, and knitting bags, etc., plus a few other kinds of cases. She's gotten very popular lately, so if you see something you want, grab it right away, because if you don't, it'll be gone when you go back for it.


We're having our usual crammed full of SF Monday tonight. As usual, SciFi is showing four episodes of Lost, and NBC is showing Chuck, Heroes, and My Own Worst Enemy.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Sorry to hear you are still having problems with the Celtic sweater. It really will be worth all the effort when it is finally complete. I hope you are able to find out quickly what went wrong.