Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time to Get Serious about the Ravelympics

It's time to get serious about the Ravelympics!

Sunday is the last day, and that ends a bit after 8 am here, so there's not much time and I still have a lot to do on the Celtic Sweater.

I promised you a photo of the cable on the side, under the arm, and here it is.

You can see the two ribs from the cable at the top of the shoulder that went down the front and back of the shoulder coming in from either side of the underarm increasing at the top of the photo.

From there, a loop winds into a cable, and the two ribs separate at about the waist. Those two ribs will get further and further apart as I add more stitches for the below waist area on either side. There will be another knot in the space below that.

I've gotten past the waist, and am doing the shaping for one of the pockets. The pockets will be angled, like kangaroo pockets with a narrow cable for the edging. I don't have enough of that done to show yet.

There's still a lot to do.

The people at Burn Notice sent me an email today reminding me that there's a new episode on this evening, and that there will be piracy on the high seas, or something like that.

On Sunday, TNT will be showing the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Check your schedules for times.

Holly texted me the other day and said that Malaia wants to go to the Renfair on Sunday, and I texted back that it sounds good.

I got an exasperated call from Holly last night. She would apparently like to schedule one of our trips to the Renfair later in the season. She's convinced that it will be jammed with people this weekend.

I said "OK, what ever you want is fine with me." Clarified by explaining that I love the Renfair and would like to go anytime. Since I don't have a car and my schedule is completely open (except for the Fall Fiber Fest) that anytime she was willing to take me would make me very happy.

She planned to talk to Malaia about scheduling it for Labor Day.

I have to get back to knitting!

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