Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quiet Sunday, and the End of the Month

I started the hat for the whole blue multi set. It seems that I'd rather add short (less than a whole ball) bits of yarn in the scarf rather than the mitts. I'm probably not going  to be able to avoid using more than a skein of yarn for the hat.

So, anyway, I want to do the mitts before I get too far into the scarf. So, naturally, I cast on the hat (my plain watch cap pattern from the sidebar), and have gotten the ribbed edging done and about 4.5 or 5 inches of the hat. There's not much more to go before it's done. Mitts are next.

I have 8 balls of yarn and I don't think that the hat and mitts are going to take more than 4 balls. Since I've knitted a whole ball into the scarf, I know that it makes about 22 inches of length for the scarf. If there's yarn left over from the had and mitts, I'll add it to the scarf for a really long one. 

I like really long scarves. I used to have a navy maxi coat, and Mom once said (looking at Tom Baker on TV) "No wonder you like Doctor Who. He dresses like you." Oh, and I like hats with big, floppy brims, too.

I have been goofing off on the form filling out, but I have been getting a steady stream of forms filled out and mailed. The big problem with this is that almost every time I pick up my mail, there's another form or two to fill out. So, I'm hoping to get all the current ones out in the mail later today.

And get my library books returned. And stop by Safeway to take advantage of one of their sales (if they have anything to buy). Usually, when they have a sale, there's a limited amount or selection available to get on sale. It's very frustrating.

What a quiet end of the month day.

Have fun this weekend!

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