Thursday, August 14, 2008


I was just checking out the blogs that I usually read and came across the most delightful thing!

This is a movie, or more accurately, the trailer for a movie, and it's totally outrageous!

I don't trust my computer skills in relation to this, and I don't want to mess up copyright stuff, so let me give you the URL

I thought this was some kind of joke at first, and very funny, too, but I looked it up, and IMdB thinks it's a real movie. According to them, it's expected out in September in the UK. There's no mention of it being released in the US. I'm disappointed about that.<


Here's where I am at the moment on the Celtic sweater: this is the back almost down to the bottom of the armholes.

The bottom of the hood is at the top of the photo with the cables on the shoulders on either side, and part of the Saint John's cross a bit lower. I haven't gotten to the halfway point in the cross. 

It doesn't look like much here because it's all crinkled up, and there's only part of the cross. But I think it'll be amazing when the whole sweater is done.

I'll get to the bottom of the armholes before I get to the bottom of the cross. At the bottom of the armholes, I'll have to cast on at each arm opening, and then continue down, finishing the cross on the way. When I get to the point where the cross is completely finished, I'll do the sleeves. I hope I have a size 8 needle that's 16 inches. I'll need it for the sleeves.

There's a new Burn Notice coming on tonight.

And my birthday is in two days! Saturday!

Have a great day!

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