Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Celtic Sweater Progress Update

Not much has been going on except knitting the sweater.

I finished the two fronts down to the bottom of the armholes, and have started on the back.

The photo shows a smidge of the hood right at the top of the photo, with the two rib band just below it, and the loop that one of the ribs slides off into right at the middle of the back.

Not much further until I start the Saint John's cross!

I'm trying to decide at this point whether I want to put sort of a frame around it or not.

I stopped by the library yesterday and picked up the books I had ordered. There were two knitting books, one about beads by Lily Chin: Knit and Crochet with Beads, and The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns, plus The Bromeliad Trilogy.

I finished reading The Warrior's Apprentice, and The Mountains of Mourning, and was interrupted by Murder at the War (which I haven't finished) before going on to The Vor Game and Brothers in Arms.

But Brothers in Arms has been reserved by someone else, and I have to take it back today.

So, I'll finish Murder at the War, and go on to The Bromeliad Trilogy afterward. We are still in the traditional time frame for Pennsic, and I intend to mentally celebrate it right up through my birthday, which is Saturday (birthday presents will cheerfully be accepted through the donate link on the sidebar) and I'm looking forward to reading something by Terry Pratchett that I haven't read before.

So, there's a lot of good reading and knitting coming up.

On the subject of knitting and science fiction, I saw The War of the Worlds, the one with Tom Cruise, the other night, and I was struck by the knitted garments that Dakota Fanning was wearing. She had a shirt and mitts knit in multicolored hues of mostly yellow with a bit of orange and other colors. Over that she had a solid yellow-orange vest with cables.

Those are not my colors, but it really looked good! I was thinking about knitting something like that for myself in other shades.

And I'm thinking of knitting some other pieces to go with the Celtic sweater out of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in Swish (that's the name of the color). I think the sweater could use long mitts and at least a scarf, maybe a hat, too out of the blue multicolor yarn. And I'm thinking that this sweater might look really good with the whole thing, too. But it needs to be a bit longer, and it needs pockets.

I'm starting to get really excited about this! What an outfit!

Well, the sweater is calling me...

Happy Wednesday!

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