Monday, August 25, 2008

And the Celtic Sweater Goes On and On...

So, here we are, the day after the Ravelympics has ended, and I'm still not done!

Here's where I am:

To your left, the cable down the front of the sweater is just out of view. To the left (in the picture) is the pocket opening, and along the right side of the photo is the sleeve opening (at the top, the cable on the side, and the increase shaping at the bottom.

I don't like short sweaters or jackets, but if a sweater or jacket is the same diameter as the bust further down, it bunches up when you sit or move, so I wanted the bottom to be a little bigger, hence the shaping, and the space for a knot. 

The knot inside the shaping was started using the knot from Arans & Celtics, but I changed it a bit, and started to add more after the instructions ran out. At this point, there are no patterns, charts or instructions. I'm just winging it. We'll see what happens.

The Middleman will be on tonight with an all-new episode on ABC Family. I looked at the site yesterday, and they had an article up about the last episode, but it's not there now. They said that they had a choice between two episodes, and putting all their budget into one episode. So, we're going to see one episode less than if they had chosen the other option, but they insist that it will be fabulous! I don't know if tonight's episode will be the last one.

Some of the things they mentioned about the last episode are:

They will stumble into an alternate universe where good and bad are reversed a la Mirror, Mirror, the Star Trek episode. To further emphasize that connection, all the people in the evil universe will have goatees, like the alternate Spock. 

They also plan to have Ida be incredibly sexy. Are we talking about the same Ida?

I have lots of forms to fill out, so I'm going to run.

Have a great Monday!

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