Saturday, August 16, 2008


Holly and I went to Occoquan today, walked around a bit and had a great time.

Here's what the River looked like today:

Occoquan is kind of like going on a long vacation trip, but it's right around the corner.

Well, if you have a car. It's probably over a mile from the bus stop, almost all severely downhill on the way there, and mountain climbing on the way back if you walk.

Here is the new construction that's been going on.

Yes, you, too, can have your own townhouse on the waterfront with your own private boat slip. These particular ones are not right on the water, but there are ones behind them and ones being built that are, and do have their own docking privileges.

We walked around a beautiful small town and in and out of small boutiques and just generally enjoyed the place.

We stopped at a restaurant that is supposed to be haunted by an indian who died on the site (before the restaurant was built, I think).

We were seated in front of this mirror:

Holly looked at it and said, "Yeah, this looks like the right place for us." Holly's last name is LaHart, and she collects heart jewelry, and my symbol is stars.

The menu was fabulous! We each found four or five things that we really wanted. I ordered from the small appetite menu, and got what would have been a generous portion anywhere else. Holly ordered the chicken and biscuits and got enough to feed a third world nation!

Unfortunately, Holly wasn't feeling well, and wanted to get home, so we ended kind of quickly.

It was really fun, though.

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