Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Day

It's quiet and rainy around here. I have the light turned on over the computer, and I don't usually have to do that.

I desperately need postage stamps, and I'm hoping that there's someplace to buy them around here without having to go to the Post Office. The Post Office is a dollar ride round trip on the bus, and a walk that's longer than I want to make in the rain.

Yes, I know, it's possible to buy stamps on-line. But you have to have a username, password and other information in case you forget your password, which is very likely, because they, like so many other online services, have such outrageous and exacting criteria for passwords that there's no chance in the world that you'll be able to remember them.

So, I choose all the information, and it kicks it back, saying that I don't have enough characters in my password. Next, the password has to have at least one capital letter and one number. They didn't tell me that at first, or even the second time. Then, it doesn't like the extra information I entered. The city I was born (Philadelphia) isn't satisfactory. After about ten tries, it finally decides that my password and other information is OK, and THEN, it tells me that the username is already in use, and it's probably mine. So, I enter the username and tell it I've forgotten my password, and it says there is no such account.

That's where it lost me.

I hate the Post Office! At least I hate their website.

I used to dislike those little private post office type stores, but I wish there were one in the Tacketts Mill Shopping Center so I wouldn't have to deal with the Post Office.

I tried to find out over the internet if Safeway carries Stamps (I know Giant does), but their site won't tell me anything. I also tried the same thing for CVS with no results.

Knitting news on the sweater is boring. I've gotten about an inch past the bottom of the side knots, and ended the cable that goes down the front, and I'm in the first inch of adding a two or three inch garter stitch border around the bottom. 

It looks very boring, even though I've added about 4 inches of length yesterday. It's now about fingertip length, and will probably wind up with a back length of nearly 40 inches. Then, all that will be left are the sleeves and finishing. I'm not sure how I want to do the sleeves.

We are now at the point that most of the TV channels seem to think we'll all be going somewhere for Labor Day weekend, so they've decided to skip their regular (interesting) programming and put on junk that nobody will watch even if they're home.

About the only SF on tonight is Supernatural, and it's a rerun.

I've added some new knitting and fiberarts toys to my Amazon store. Check it out.

And if people are bothering you because they want you to knit them stuff for Christmas and you don't want to do it, give them my URL. I'll be glad to make custom commissioned pieces for Christmas. Or they can pick something from my Etsy store (see the sidebar). I'm about to swing into motion on Christmas stockings real soon, now.

Have a better Thursday than I'm having!



Holly called last night and told me that Malaia and John had found an apartment in Ellicott City, and they'll be moving in this weekend! She said it's a two bedroom apartment, and I said that's good, because she'll need the space when we all come to camp at her place during the Sheep and Wool festival.

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