Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pennsic, Ravelympics and Bureaucracy

I can tell this post is going to have a lot in it already, but it can't be too long because I have Ravelympics knitting to do.

Before we even get into the main part of this post, John finally put up some information about Steve Canyon at Comic Con! Click the link, or check the link in the sidebar for all the information! 

The first episode of Primeval will be airing on BBC in America tonight. Check schedules. Somebody on Ravelry was talking about it, and they liked it. I haven't had the opportunity to see it yet, but pass on the info in case you're interested.


Today is the last day of Pennsic. Yes, I know that tomorrow is officially the  last day, but there's just enough time tomorrow to get your stuff shoved into your vehicle and escape before you have to be off the site.

So, today is the day that you hunt down friends to say goodbye, check out the merchants to see if they still have those beautiful buttons/trim/knife/etc. It's a time for finishing up and making sure that you do all the things that you wanted to do at Pennsic. It's an intensely happy time while still being just the tiniest bit sad that it's over.

I'm still reading Murder at the War, which means my personal Pennsic experience will continue for a little while.


The Bejing Olympics opening ceremonies started last night at 8 pm their time. I live exactly 12 hours ahead of them, so it started at 8 am here, even though the ceremonies weren't broadcast here until 8 pm.

I woke up at almost exactly 8 am, so I lost no time in casting on the wimple for Team Hogwarts and Team Hopelessly Overcommitted. I had a lot of things to do yesterday, and wanted an easy project where I wouldn't lose my place, and was small enough to drag around in my knitting bag all day, and the wimple was perfect for that.

This is the wimple at this point. The bottom border is done. The bottom border alone is about 1/4 of the project, so this is off to a good start. This is the result of knitting on the bus, and a little knitting last night. I was too tired when I got home to do any knitting on anything that required thought.

I watched some TV programs and switched to the Olympic opening ceremonies during commercials. I had planned to watch more of it, but every time the president blinked, the news people had to cover it, and they missed a lot of the ceremonies and drove me crazy.


I did a lot of riding on busses yesterday and a lot of walking and accomplished nothing!

I had talked to someone at Social Security that suggested that a little more information might get me more money on a monthly basis. The people that saw me in person at the office said (basically) "In your dreams!"

So, I bopped on down to Comcast, and, once again, they treated me as though I had just arrived from Mars. Obviously, all their other customers are masochists! So, showing up in person was obviously a waste of time.


I got up this morning, in pain everywhere from all the walking. The Aleve is starting to kick in, so I'm feeling better now than I was earlier.

Holly and I went out this morning. I had a coupon good for $15 of merchandise there. I found a really neat little clip-on light in blue with stars on it for about $10, and also bought a copy of Knitters Magazine. It cost a total of $.99! Knitters has several shawl patterns that I love in it, plus one shawl in a star shape! I've seen several star shaped shawls/afghans/blankets, but this is the first knitted one I've seen.

As you can tell, stars are my favorites.

So, I got some really neat stuff!

Holly gave me my birthday present early. $50!

I plan to use it to live on for the nearly two weeks coming up, and then get it together as if to pay her back and buy my real birthday present from her then. I expect to add $10 to it and buy a set of Options needles from Knit Picks.

I need to go, now. I need to do some knitting on the Celtic Sweater for the Ravelympics.

Have a great weekend!

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