Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Recap of Sunday

Well, as it turned out, the only two to show up for the Renfair on Sunday were Holly and Everett.

The weather people said that it would stop raining around noon, so I thought it would probably be pretty muddy, plus probably overcast (so not so good for taking photos), I didn't want to do too much walking and endanger walking next weekend, and I didn't have any money to spend. So I opted to save Holly two to three hours of driving time and not go. I live in the opposite direction from the Renfair, so she would have had to spend a half an hour or more (depending on traffic) to get here to pick me up, plus the same to drive back to where she would have been if she hadn't picked me up, plus the same to take me home.

I'm really torn about that decision. Holly says it wasn't muddy except in a few spots. She and Everett didn't do much walking, and mostly watched shows. She says she didn't buy anything. Then she adds that she bought a replacement for the sash from her costume (which she lost). Then later on in the conversation, she says she bought Everett a shirt.

The skies were magnificent around here, and I guess that she had similar weather there. We'd have bright sunlight, with a huge pile of thunderheads building up to the side of the sky. Then it clouded over entirely and was overcast. Then there was sun again, etc, all afternoon.

But the part of her story that's driving me mad is the part about a sgian dubh at Black Sword Armoury. That last link to the Armoury will take you there, but a lot of what they have isn't listed. Holly described it as having a hilt with a Celtic knot and a blue stone set into it. At the price, $15, I suspect that the "stone" is glass, but it sounds very pretty! Judging by her description, I want one! Lots and lots!

So, anyway, the two of them had a wonderful Sunday walking around the Renfair and seeing the shows.

Holly told me about a place that has some fabulous stuff made from antler that's new at the fair, too. I can't wait for our visit in October.

But the thing I'm really excited about right now is the Fall Fiber Fest, which is this coming weekend! My mind has been working overtime on what kind of a hat I would make for Heather. She doesn't want me to make anything original, though, so the yarn is going back to her along with the Hermione hat that she requested.

But I've designed at least two fabulous hats in my head, and I want to get yarn to knit them in, along with matching scarves (or wimples), mitts, and possibly mittens. I've found some nice yarn in Knit Picks, too, but I'm excited about looking at the FFF. I don't expect to be able to afford more than yarn for one set, but at least I can look around and have fun.


The only real science fiction on tonight is reruns of Warehouse 13 (which is always fun), but don't miss Eastwick tomorrow night!

Have a great evening!

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