Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 9/9/09!

Today is the ninth day of the ninth month of 2009! From the standpoint of the numbers, this is a memorable event, and some people on Twitter found this nice site to explain it. Today is (according to numerologists) associated with forgiveness, compassion and success. Actually, I could use plenty of that today for all the errands I have that need to get done.

I haven't heard back from the dentist, and, providing I understood him correctly, I should have had new front teeth by now, but haven't heard a word. So, I'm going to drop by there and let him have my new phone number, and ask what's happening in a polite, friendly way.

I'm also waiting for my package from Knit Picks, which has a good chance of arriving today. I ordered yarn for Holly's socks for Christmas, and a whole set of Options Zephyr needles. I am so excited about this that I can't tell you!

So, you can see that this will be a short post. Well, I'm going to try to keep it short. I keep finding more and more things I want to write about today, though.

Another thing I found to post about is a post on the Knitting Daily blog about knitters who are pickers or throwers. It includes a quick tutorial on both methods, and I plan to put a link to the page in my side bar, so you can find it there in the future.

Someone in the comments said that figures 1 and 2 are reversed, and it looks like they are, so check it for yourself.

I really have to get going if I hope to finish my errands today!

There's a new Leverage on tonight and Ghost Rider will be on FX! And Jake 2.0 will be on SyFy's daytime rotation tomorrow!

Have a great 9/9/09!

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