Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lost Fan Alert!

For any of you Lost fen out there, I hope that you were watching Flash Forward on Thursday or Friday! The pilot for it contains clues for what's happening in Lost! Check it out here! The article has all the information in it, which is a good thing, because I certainly didn't catch that billboard in the background of that shot!

I think that it's pretty sneaky to put clues to one show into another show in the form of a billboard!


What, you may ask, am I doing blogging when I had planned to be at the Renfair today? Well, it's been raining all afternoon. They said that they expected to have a couple of inches of rain today. I did go out for a little while, and it was more than enough. I came home after walking to the grocery store (a very short walk) soggy and wishing I hadn't been out at all.

They're saying that it will rain tomorrow morning, but that it will clear out during the afternoon, and there might even be just a little sun. Holly said that she and Everett, et al, want to go tomorrow. Even if it does stop raining, it's going to be muddy and unpleasant. I'm charging some batteries so they'll be fresh to power the camera tomorrow, and I'm charging the battery in my little camera, but I'm really questioning whether it's really worthwhile to go tomorrow. Holly and I agreed to talk about it sometime today.


Have a great weekend! Wherever you are, I hope the weather is better than it is here.



Yesterday, Nathan Fillion said on Twitter that he was going to be on TV last night. He neglected to mention what he was going to wear while he was there.

As you can see, he wore a kilt, and not just an ordinary fabric kilt, but a leather one. Most of the conversation centers on the topic of kilts, and it gets mildly risque, so be forewarned.

For instance, when asked the inevitable question about what he's wearing under it, Nathan says something about the proper answer to that question is "Your mother's lipstick!"

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