Monday, September 28, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

I wanted to get something up here quickly. I'm running late today and I want to go watch Heroes (which is already half over). But I found a lot of miscellaneous stuff I wanted to put up here. More real info tomorrow!


For you knitters out there: a note on the Options interchangeable needles from Knit Picks. I've always been grateful that they included size 10-1/2 needle tips in their needle sets. Local yarn shops are getting harder and harder to find, and the people who run Michaels, AC Moore and JoAnne Fabrics don't seem to realize that there's any size between 10 and 11. So it's become increasingly difficult to find this odd size. I don't know when Knit Picks snuck it in to their catalog, but they now have size 10-34 needles to bridge the gap between the 10-12s and the 11s! Check it out!

Also for fiberartists, check here for some great crochet street art!


For all you artists and typesetters out there, here is the perfect shirt for you! You need this to explain kerning to non-typesetters!


For all you Twilight fans that are knitters out there, here's a sneak publicity photo from New Moon with instructions on how to knit the mitts in the photo. OR, you could go here and order my mitts pattern and knit the long mitts using the yarn specified, or a closer match if you can find it.


David Tenent will be in The Sarah Jane Adventures! I have no idea if we'll ever be able to see it here in the USA, but you can read about it here!

Doctor Who will be on during the day tomorrow on BBC in America!


Years ago, when my niece, Lisa, was a child, she got a "talking" doll, which said a few things if you pulled the ring on her back. She didn't say very much, but she had an assortment of different laughs. Pull the ring a couple of times, and she was guaranteed to have a room full of adults laughing.

Well, I came across a video of quintuplet babies laughing today. Enjoy!

Have a great evening!

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