Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's October, and More Tall Ships!

It's the first day of October!

Have a blast this month!

John sent me some photos from the tall ship escapade I blogged about last week.

Here's another one of me.

And one of John. Here, you can see him singing the Gilliland's Isle song he wrote.

I went on about what a cutie he was at the time, to the point where I think he started getting annoyed with me, but he really was irresistible! The thing that he seemed proudest of about this photo was that he was wearing the "Klatu Barada Nickto" shirt.

I have to apologize. These photos were taken with a little 110 camera I had. I really should have had a better camera, but then again, I don't think John had a camera at all at the time, so if I hadn't had that one, we wouldn't have had any photos at all.

Wow! I wish I could be that young again!


Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday. I was busy working on the covers for the third volume of Steve Canyon on DVD, and got carried away. I think this one is going to look good! And I wish I could talk about it, but John likes to get information on the DVDs out first, so I can't say anything. But you can get the latest info at the above link, which will take you to the general blog. The latest post is still the one about Doug Drexler with the link to the article he did about me.


I'm getting so excited about the upcoming Fall Fiber Fest this weekend! I. Just. Can't. Wait!


There's also a science fiction convention coming up this weekend in San Jose! It's called Silicon! What a perfect name for an SF con! Wish I could go, but wouldn't miss FFF for anything!


I hope you didn't miss the second episode of Eastwick last night. I was every bit as good as the first, and I totally enjoyed it!


Well, Halloween is on it's way, and The SyFy channel is showing off Star Wars pumpkins for Halloween. You really have to see these! Example below.

Have a great time watching Flash Forward, Fringe, and Supernatural tonight. I know I will!

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