Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday I went to the library.

Before I went, something kept telling me that I needed to take my camera. And I kept thinking "It's about 6:00, it'll be getting dark soon at this time of year, and there won't be anything new and different to take photos of, anyway." I've already taken so many photos of the parkland behind my apartment and posted them on my blog.

So, naturally, there was a lot of stuff that I wanted to take photos of!

I mentioned in the past sometime, I think, that there's some kind of wading bird that's been hanging around the lake/pond here. I don't know exactly what it is, and I haven't been able to get photos of it.

So, there I was, walking along and reading, as I usually do, and I happened to look up, and there, sitting under the small bridge, was the elusive wader. The water is much shallower there than I had thought it was, because it was standing right under the bridge. I stood there a moment and admired it, and then went around away from it to get to the bridge, instead of cutting corners and walking near the bird. I didn't want to disturb it. I walked very quietly across the bridge, looking through the spaces between the boards, hoping to get another glimpse of it. That didn't work. By the time I got right above it, it took off and flew off to the other end of the pond.

I was disappointed, but continued on. By the time I had gotten to the other bridge, it was sitting next to the bridge on the rock ledge that encloses the small pool on the far side, right next to the spillway/waterfall. I was able to walk to the side of the bridge and watch it for a few minutes.

Then, I continued on to the library to pick up my books. On the way back, the bird was where it had been before, but now the sun was setting, and the sky had broad stripes of pink and blue across it, and those colors were reflected in the pond (with ripples from the fountain at the other end), and in the perfectly still waters of the pool, and the bird was silhouetted against all this colorful glory! It was such a perfect photo opportunity, and I didn't bring my camera!

I am so disgusted with myself!

So, you're just going to have to imagine all this.

I plan to take a walk through the area later today and see if it'll be there again, and this time I plan to take my good camera!


I finally did take some photos of my latest knitting project, the slinky stripes variation from Custom Knits. Here's a photo of what is left of the yarn, in the box it came in.

And this is how far I've gotten since I started it on Saturday.

It's moving right along. I plan to add pockets in the next inch or so. I can't stand clothes without pockets (except underwear). I think I'm going to like this one.

In other knitting news, I wanted to design a hat for Heather instead of the "Hermione's Hat" that she wanted. Well, she really wanted the copy of Hermione's Hat, so I sent her one.

But before she insisted once again that she really wanted that hat, I had designed a few others in my mind, and I've been dying to knit them up, so I think I'm going to do that for some lucky person for Christmas. I've also thought of some great accessories to make to go with the hat(s). Then, I found some really neat yarn in the Herrshner's catalog. It's Bernat Alpaca Yarn in lavender.

It doesn't look as pretty on my screen as it does in real life, but I can't wait for the beginning of the month to have the money to order it! It feels so nice! I can't wait to get my current sweater finished so that I can start on it all. My problem is that I can design faster than I can knit. I have one had completely designed in my head, and another one with several variations, plus another one!


I need to get going if I'm going to have a chance to go for a walk at twilight! The AC is off in my apartment and the heat is on, and since it's 70 degrees out there, it's over 80 degrees inside and edging up toward 90, so I was saving my shower for the late afternoon, when it would really feel good! So, I have to do that before I go.

Don't forget to watch Eastwick tonight!

Have fun!

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