Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I hope you're having a wonderful Halloween! There is so much on TV that I couldn't begin to list it all if you want to spend your Halloween on the couch watching the tube. Right now, The Good Witch is on Hallmark, and it will be followed by The Good Witch's Garden. Both will be repeated later today. Both are good movies if you want a quiet story about ordinary people interacting in good and bad ways. I've enjoyed both of them enough to want to watch them again, so that says something.

For you knitters out there, you might be interested in Cassie's sweater in The Good Witch's Garden, too. It fascinates me every time I see it.

Oh, and I was reading Twitter earlier today, and there was someone who said that All Hallows Day was Halloween. This is incorrect! All Hallows Day is the first of November. Halloween is the evening before All Hallows Day, or All Hallows Eve!


Holly and Robin have been having fun in New Orleans. They were both disgusted with the hotel they booked. Their website said they were "minutes from" all the best places. It turns out that they are only minutes from these places if you have a car (with attendant parking problems) or want a $20 cab ride each way. They planned to change to another hotel after the first night. Beware of believing everything you read in internet ads.

The first day, they saw a swamp. Holly sent this photo of it.

She said it was very pretty down further, but she didn't send me a photo of that, only this one.

That evening, they went to see Doctor John. I found some great recordings of him on YouTube, which, by the way, has a great logo up there for today.

I have an older computer and lots of videos are almost unwatchable in it, but these play well, and they have enough clarity and volume available that I can hear them with no problem, probably better than they could live because of the lack of background voices. So, turn the sound up, but not too far!

Here's a fabulous version of Goodnight Irene, which is one of my favorites. My grandmother's name was Irene, and I think she would have loved this version of it. She never liked the name Irene, but I've heard stories of her dancing on a table at a roadhouse, and that's what this make me think of.

Here's Let the Good Times Roll, which I know he also played that night. Holly was texting me the names of some of the songs.

And here's one of his boogie pieces:

This morning, Holly sent me another photo of a swamp, and said that they're going on a boat tour of the swamp!

And another photo from Holly:

Actually, I think Doctor John made the whole trip worthwhile, but today is Halloween, and I'll bet they have even more fun tonight. They plan to wear costumes. Holly will wear her pirate costume once again, and I'm not sure I want to say how Robin is going to dress.

Holly promised me pictures, so you'll probably get to see it anyway.

I'm about halfway down the first sleeve of the slinky sweater. Photos soon.

I don't get many comments, so I'll answer this one.

Yes, I went to see the dentist. Yes, I got my whole kitchen torn out and replaced. Yes, they happened on the same day. No, the dentist did not do the kitchen renovation.

Oh, and if you're reading this on Halloween, check out the Weather Pixie in the sidebar. She's got a Jack 'O Lantern, and, because it's raining here, an orange umbrella!

I wish you the best Halloween ever!


  1. That is correct -- Hallowe'en is the evening of All Hallowed Day. We have forgotten all about the very big (church) holiday on Nov 1. As most people have forgotten, the day starts at sunset and continues to sunset. So on the evening of All Hallowed day (the end of Oct 31 on our calendar) is the evening of the holiday. So the proper name for that evening is All Hallowed Evening or 'Hallow E'en, or as we call it today, Halloween. Corruption of the language, and we have forgotten what it all means. As in all things.

  2. I was wondering if you ever knit the Good Witch's sweater? I just saw the movies this past weekend and I am dying to knit it! I'd love a pattern if you have or found one!

  3. I admire that sweater each time I see it, but I have no instructions for the sweater. There was a similar sort of sweater in Vogue Knitting a few years ago. If you look around, you can probably find it.