Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Air Conditioning!

Yesterday, about 4 pm, the temperature in my apartment passed the 80 degree comfort mark, headed up, up, and away.

I turned the air conditioning down (toward cooler) and fully expected the situation to right itself. It didn't. It's been no lower than 80 degrees in this apartment ever since about four yesterday.

I talked to my neighbor across the hall this morning, and she said that the maintenance people had been up all night, and they kept muttering phrases like "no water pressure," and "we're still not getting pressure."

The heating and cooling in my place is provided via water pipes set into the cement floor. They send warm or cool water through the pipes and the building stays a comfortable temperature, theoretically. In practice, it works pretty well, except for those times that the weather is changing back and forth, and they haven't fully changed over to air conditioning. This building tends to stay warm, though. With the heat and AC turned off, it still seems to either generate or hold a lot of heat. And the next few days are supposed to be around 90 degrees.

I've had the windows open all last night, ever since the outside temperature got lower than the inside temp. But it's about 80 degrees in here, and 85 outside, so the windows are now closed. I don't need to import warmer air. The drapes are also closed to keep the afternoon sun out, which is a big offender in the warming-up department.

Not much knitting has been happening due to the warming effect caused by actually knitting something, so there's no news there.

I think I'll lie down with a book (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince).

Stay cool!

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