Thursday, June 4, 2009

Burn Notice!

The USA Network has turned into the "all Burn Notice, all the time" channel, at least for today. They will be showing Burn Notice all day, and premiering the new season later tonight, followed by a premier of their new program, Royal Pains.

I know very little about the new show, but Burn Notice has become one of my favorites. I suspect that shows like this, that show people who take advantage of others getting what they deserve should be very popular about now. The tendency of a lot of people and especially companies to take advantage of people around them/their customers should make this kind of show very popular. You may not actually be able to get rid of Comcast, for example, and the ways they find to take advantage of you (including not giving the service you're paying for), but these shows give the illusion that there might be a way to get back at them.

Tonight is a great night for TV! A rerun of Supernatural will be on, and at the same time, the premier of The Listener, which will be followed by the another episode. Or possibly the first episode will be on at 10, according to the link. It's a little hard to tell from what they said.

So, here's the problem, and the solution. Burn Notice, Supernatural, and The Listener are all on at 9 (at least here). Tune your TIVOs/DVRs to Supernatural and The Listener at 9, then catch the rerun of the Burn Notice premier at 12:17.

The Mentalist, although not strictly SF, will have a rerun of an episode at 10, too. Simon Baker is always worth watching.


I looked over my progress so far on the purple beaded shawl, and found a lot of mistakes. I really didn't like that many mistakes, so I frogged most of it. The very beginning of the shawl was a royal pain, and didn't have any errors, so I didn't frog the first 3 or four pattern repeats. I was amazed at how many beads came out of it, though. And how long it took just to rip!


My old spinning group on Ravelry, Fluff and Nonsense, (the one I haven't been able to attend for a while due to lack of transportation) got together and bought all the fleeces in a particular flock in Iceland, and I got one of the fleeces. Now I have to arrange to pick it up and pay for it. It's a grey Icelandic fleece, and I can't wait to see it! I'll have more news on this as it develops.


It's a grey, overcast day here, very dreary. It makes me thankful that Holly said she's coming to visit on Saturday, and I can do all my WalMart shopping then rather than going out today when it might rain.

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