Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Rainy Day

Most of the time around here, we have sunny days with a few overcast ones and some rainy ones, but mostly sunny.

Since the middle of May, we've had mostly rainy days with just a few sunny or overcast ones.

I'm getting tired of it!

Getting wet once in a while is OK, but I'm starting to feel like I'm drowning. There is a flood warning for this area today. The other night, the parking lot was at least an inch deep in front of my apartment building. The water was running off the essentially flat lot as fast as it could, but it was coming down so fast that it was an inch deep (more in places).


I got an ad in with my email today, and discovered a really neat new tool called a Snag Lite. Sorry, that's what it's called. I hate people who do that. Advertisers seem to be determined to do their best to ruin the English language. It's a latch hook with a light in it. The best things about it are the latch hook, and the cover for the latch hook, so that you can carry it with you without endangering either the hook or it's immediate surroundings.

Sorry this is such a short post. It's just too overcast and wet to want to do anything but drink hot chocolate and knit.

Have a great weekend!


I read The Panopticon today, and Franklin had something to say about the lace shawl that he's knitting that applies equally to the one I'm knitting:

So. Will this shawl marry a rich-but-gentle peer of the realm and retire to a quiet life in the country? Or will it perish at the hands of Jack the Ripper after stumbling out of an opium den?

Time will tell.

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