Thursday, March 4, 2010


Salt is a healthy, and, if it's natural sea salt, nutritious part of any diet. It's essential to good health, and, in fact, to the continuation of life, itself!

Somewhere along the line, there was a clinical trial of various factors that might affect blood pressure, and two of the factors tested were salt and sugar.

Sugar raised blood pressure. More sugar raised it even more. And the more sugar you eat, the more it raises your blood pressure. The media was ready to report that until TV and radio stations and newspapers got phone calls from the sugar groups threatening lawsuits to any company that reported that news. Of course, the threatened companies said that it was true and they could report it, and the sugar people said, that's right, but it'll cost you lots of time and money to win that victory. The media didn't report that part of the study.

They reported the results on salt a little backward. Phrased more understandably, salt deprivation lowers your blood pressure slightly right before you DIE from it!

So, if your doctor tells you to cut back on salt in order to lower your blood pressure, he's really saying "I get my medical information from confused sources on TV, NOT from actual medical literature!" If he had read the actual trial, he would know better than to tell you that!

As of about five years ago, doctors in hospitals had killed at least eight people by denying them salt. That total may be higher now. They were unable to kill anyone outside of a hospital because studies found that when people approach death from lack of salt, they will crave it so much that they will eat it no matter what the doctors say.

In fact, the health benefits of salt are extraordinary, and exactly backwards from what doctors usually tell us.

So, I was appalled today to read this article in the New York Sun. It seems that the NY Department of Health and Mental Hygiene wants to kill the citizens of NY by depriving them of salt!

For an article that's actually based on facts about salt, check out this article. Here's some more basic information about salt. This second article is really interesting, especially about the different kinds of salt.

Gourmet cooks delight in the different kinds of edible salt available, and the best restaurants serve dishes with dividers filled with different varieties of salt so that you can salt your own food with the type of salt you prefer or wish to try.

I've been so interested in this because salt is one of my favorite things, and I'm starting to talk about health things here, that I'm starting my own Amazon store. It's definitely under construction at this point, but I'm starting to add salt products. This is a part of a healthy diet, and you might as well enjoy it!


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