Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Know-It-All Bag Contest and More

There is a contest on Knitty that has a prize of the electronic components to make the Know-It-All bag! Most of their contests have an automatic entry for everyone who subscribes to their blog, but this is one you have to enter. Check it out! Good luck!


When President Obama first started talking about Health Care Reform, I was all for it.

Then I found out he's working on Health Insurance Reform. The Health Care Reform is apparently yet to come. And I really hope that enough people have figured out that it really isn't care that's been reformed so that we have some hope of real health care reform!

But I noticed one interesting thing. If you follow Twitter, our president is on there. I followed him. I'm sure he doesn't write the tweets personally, but there was one up where he was rejoicing about the health care reform bill and it's passing. I wrote him a reply pointing out that it's health insurance that's being reformed, and ever since then, the tweets "from" the president have referred to it as health insurance reform!

It's a first step in changing how people think about the bill and the reform. It's more accurate. And it leaves the door open for real health care reform! I'm also amazed and impressed that I was able to communicate that to someone who is in a position to change people's perception!


We've been having sun and weather with highs around 70 degrees for about a week, now. As you know if you follow my blog, in the apartment building where I reside, the heat is either on or off. Currently, it's on, so the daily low temperatures in my apartment have hovered around 80 degrees. Today (and yesterday) we've had either rain or just overcast and lower temperatures, so it's a livable temperature here, for a change. I'm so glad I'm not melting today.


Lost tonight!

First there's the weekly recap of last week's episode (with odd info underneath that makes it worth watching again). Then, the new episode!

And as if all that weren't enough, it will be followed by the premier of the new season of V!

Not another interesting thing on tonight!

I hope this is shaping up to be a good week for you!

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