Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, John Ellis!

Yesterday was the beginning of March, and the end of all the problems that came with February (I hope). Happy March, everyone!

Today is John's birthday!

Happy Birthday, John!

I met John at one of the first (it may have been the first) August Parties, and we've been friends (and sometimes more) ever since. Other than my mom and my daughter, he's been the best friend I've ever had.

I wish you a day free from all stress, and one that's just fun from beginning to end!

John will be going to see Avatar today in 3D, and I can't wait for a report on it from him. We discussed the 3D process for films last night when I talked to him, and neither of us has actually seen a 3D film, so he's going to let me know what he thinks.

He's also got an appointment with the doctor, and is going to find out if the doctor has any new info on his thyroid function. I wish him the best luck with that!

For anybody who wants more thyroid info, I found a new (to me) website today!


Here's the astronomy picture of the day for today. It is M78 and Reflecting Dust Clouds in Orion. You can see NASA's photo of the day here. There's also a link on the page to see previous pictures of the day.


Primeval is on daytime SyFy today. I could swear that as of yesterday the digital TV guide didn't have it scheduled for today, but the TV guide that Comcast provides has been very messed up lately. Some, maybe all, of the problem is the piece of junk that they gave me that they called a DVR. Anyway, it's on.

And daytime SyFy will be showing Jake 2.0 on Thursday!


While I was at the library yesterday, I picked up the first two Sookie Stackhouse books, and I've started reading them. So far, Sookie has nearly died, and been saved by a vampire. They promise to be good.

In the meantime, I haven't recovered fully from February, so I'm going to quit writing now.

Have a fabulous week!



The latest Dresden Files book, Turn Coat, is out in paperback today!

The next book out in the series will be Changes, available on the sixth of April. But the first chapter of Changes is up on the internet, and you can read it here.


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