Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Yesterday was Lisa's birthday, and I missed it, and I'm very sorry! But I hope it was great!


I thought of Lisa several times yesterday, but it was a busy day for me!

Yesterday was (finally!) my appointment with the ear, nose throat specialist that my regular doctor sent me to.

I was nervous, but hopeful about the visit. The last time I went to see an ENT, he looked in my ear and told me I was OK, and then asked me why I couldn't hear! That's all he did.

This trip was totally different! Before I even got to see the doctor, I was put in a sound-proof booth and given a hearing test. And this was both shorter and more comprehensive than the test I'd had before.

Anyway, the result is that the doctor said I have some nerve damage hearing loss in both ears, and that there's something wrong with the middle ear on the right. I've been telling doctors about that problem with my middle ear for more than 10 years, and they all said there's nothing wrong. Except for the regular doctor I have now who said I needed to see the ENT.

I have a note to go and get a CT scan of my ears so that they can find out what is actually wrong and figure out if there's anything they can do about it!

It doesn't sound like the scan is going to be fun, but I've thought that there's at least a possibility that there might be something that can be done about my right ear for about 10 years, and I've felt this strongly for the last two years. Now, I guess, I'll get to find out.

I also have a list of blood tests to get, and since some of them are ones that my regular doctor is going to want to do in a couple of weeks, I called the woman who does the blood work for my regular doctor. As it turns out, she'll be in my apartment building tomorrow morning to do blood tests on other residents, and she added me to the list. She's also aware to send the results to my regular doctor, too. So that's about as perfect as it can get!

In the meantime, the ENT doctor gave me prescriptions (and samples until the prescriptions get filled) for some medication. These meds are not intended (specifically) to help me, and he said it's not a good long-term option, but they'll tell him by my reaction if some of my problems are allergic, and then he'll know better how to handle it after that. I'll either suddenly feel better or I won't, and that will point him in the right direction.

At the point that he was telling me all this, I didn't know whether to cry from joy or kiss him! He's listening to what I tell him and doing something to find out what's wrong. And there's a possibility that he might be able to fix some or all of it! It'll be a process, but I'm on my way!

Actually, I went to great lengths to prepare for the office visit, but I didn't need to. Everything was structured from the moment I got out of the waiting room. They asked all the right questions, covered everything, and got a good picture of what's going on with me, and would have done even if I hadn't prepared for it. Everything moved along quickly, but they weren't hurried, and they didn't miss anything.

I am really impressed with the doctor and hopeful that I'm actually going to get some help!


I got an email from Steve Sheets today. He likes what I did with the art for the iPad game, and the game is almost final. I still have to do the art for the variation of the game, but I'm so excited!

I've found a batch of sweepstakes for iPads on the internet, and I've been entering every one I can find! I really want to have an iPad with the game I did the art for on it! Check the sidebar or my Twitter account (I'm lostarts) for more Twitter links to iPad sweepstakes.


Check out Neil Gaiman's blog! You have to scroll down to see the relevant part, but it looks like he'll be doing a script for Doctor Who next year! I can hardly wait!


Tonight, there's a new Human Target, plus the premier of In Plain SightSounds like fun!

If you haven't seen In Plain Sight, here's all the information you need to catch up and enjoy it. It's about a woman who is a US Marshall working in the witness protection program, and it's very good! Find out about an In Plain Sight giveaway here.

I hope you've been having a wonderful week and continue to do so!

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