Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

It's Monday, and not only raining, but thunder woke me up early this morning. I'm not really down, but less happy than I might otherwise be. I really should go over to the grocery store and don't want to in the rain, but even if I don't I'll survive, so it's OK.

Besides, I've learned that I can get my sunshine cheer in some vitamin D perles. Not the same, visually, but it keeps me healthy.


The new Knitty is out!

I looked at it quickly last night, and wasn't impressed. I looked a little more closely today, and found the most amazing knitted item that I'd ever seen!

It doesn't look so amazing a first glance, but this bag is not just a bag, but an electronic knitting chart! It not only counts your rows, it tells you the stitch pattern for the row you're working on! This has to be seen to be believed!

It's called the Know-It-All, and it really does. The strip down the right hand side of the bag (in the photo) has a row of LEDs that light up to tell you what stitch to do in that position!

For more information about how to make the bag, find it at Knitty here, or from Kalani Craig herself here.

I haven't read through all the instructions yet, but this is just SO amazing!

Be the envy of all your knitting friends and knit something electronic that's useful!

I have to say that my imagination has just gone into overdrive from looking at this! You could also add a pocket to put your iPod in, and a row of small straps going up the strap of the bag to snap your headphones cord into leaving one end near your iPod to plug it in, and the other end with the earbuds near your ears while you're carrying it, too!

And I'll bet there are other ways to make this electronic! All I have to do is think of them.


There's a new Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, and Castle on tonight! No Ghost Whisperer on SyFy, though.

I have to go. I've got that little project to work on, and I need to do it right away. More info later.

Have a terrific week!

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