Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful Day Yesterday!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! The sun was out, it went up to about 60 degrees (I think, the warmest day we've had so far this year), with a light breeze. It was really just beautiful!

I feel I have to mention that because it's been almost a year of solid overcast skys, rain and snow. We have had occasional days where the sun came out, but they have been few and far between, while "flood warnings" is a phrase we've been hearing almost every day on the weather report.


Yesterday, I finally had my appointment with the doctor. Thanks to the vitamin D supplements, I feel better than I have in the last ten years.

The doctor addressed some of the problems I've had on a chronic basis for the last 35 years by giving me the phone numbers for two specialists. I have an appointment with an ear, nose and throat specialist on the 30th.

I missed the other doctor's office hours, but I'll be getting an appointment with a hematologist/oncologist, which is the kind of doctor she said I need to see about the Paget's Disease. The people at the VA hospital said I could only be treated by an endocrinologist, and the one that ran the department for them insisted on overseeing every case personally and refused to prescribe anything that was really helpful for me.

I've had Paget's for about 35 years, and if this doctor can help me, it'll be the first treatment I've gotten for it in that entire time (unless you count the antidepressants that were prescribed because I was in pain).

I'm actually feeling optimistic about going to see a doctor about both the Paget's and the ear problem! That's a first!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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