Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Care Legislation

No, not health insurance legislation, this is new legislation about health care!

This is legislation that will allow the makers of nutritional supplements to tell people about scientifically proven benefits to their supplements, something that's been illegal in the United States for a while.

I'm hoping that this will extend to over-the-counter medications, too. My doctor kept telling me to take Citracal for my ulcerative colitis, but every time a picked up a bottle from the shelf, it talked about what a great laxative it is! I didn't buy any for a long time, and missed out on something that's really good for your digestion! It turns out that the laxative effect is all they're allowed to say! But it's something you should take if there's anything wrong with your digestion, or even if there's nothing wrong and you just want to keep it that way!

Please follow the link to find out more about the bill, and if you think this would be helpful (how could you not?) please click one of the links which will take you to a prewritten form letter which you can edit if you wish and sent to the decision-makers involved. You'll have to fill in your name and address, but the address will let the form be automatically sent to the correct legislators.

Then go have a glass of V-8 and feel good about what you've done!


Is my face red! The episode of V that was on last night was a recap of the story so far. The actual premier will be on next Tuesday.

There's a new Human Target on right now, and I'm going to go watch it!

Have fun!

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