Friday, March 26, 2010


For those of you who are fans of the Dresden Files books, there will be a new one coming out in early April! It's called Changes.

In case you haven't been keeping up or missed it, the first four chapters of the book have been published on the internet, and you can read them here! If you've been keeping up with them, just scroll down for chapter four.

I can't believe that he's being generous enough to actually publish the first four chapters free! Of course, once you read them, you want to buy the whole book!

If you look at that first link, Amazon is selling the book for half price! Quite a deal! I plan to buy a copy in a couple of days, when I have the money. Amazon usually has copies ahead of time and mails them so that you get them in time for the release date. It's a good deal!

Being the twelfth book in the series, this is just past the half-way mark. Jim Butcher said that he originally planned twenty one books in the series. Unless he changes that, we've already gotten half of them, and are now starting into the second half. Harry just keeps getting better and better!


Ghost Whisperer and Medium are not on once again this week! Blame basketball for their lack. There's some good stuff on SyFy tonight, including a new Caprica and a rerun of Warehouse 13.


It's chilly and rainy here, so I hope you're having better weather than I am. Have a wonderful weekend!

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