Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Strange Tuesday

Yesterday was so strange.

I walked over to the library, and also to Safeway. I requested a stack of books from the library, and three of them were in. 

Anyway, I woke up early (for me) because I was just uncomfortable. And that was just the beginning.

All day, nothing actually hurt, and I wasn't actually sick, but I just didn't feel OK all day. I couldn't knit for more than a half hour without getting distracted or wanting to do something else. Well, actually, that applied to everything I did yesterday. Watched half a TV show and got bored. I was too tired to stay awake, but too uncomfortable to do more than doze and wake up 15 minutes later. I went from one thing to another and didn't enjoy any of it.

Just uncomfortable the whole day.

I really hope that's over with.


I was on Ravelry today, and clicked on one of the groups I belong to that I haven't checked in a while--the Springwater Workshop group.

Springwater was a local yarn shop that went out of business a while ago. It was my favorite in the area, and I knew most of the people who worked and taught there. I was really sad to see it go. But I was surprised to see it still up on Ravelry as a group, so I clicked on it to see if anyone was still active in the group, and they are!

As Ravelrey does, it inspired me to follow a lot of interesting links, and one of them lead me to information on the Sedalia Spring Fiber Festival. This is a really long ride from where I live, but it looks like fun.

Anyway, I thought that this might be useful information for someone who lives in the Western part of Virginia, who might want to go, so I'm including it here. I'm not putting it on my calendar, though, because it's such a long ride.


I am so boring after yesterday! I wish I knew what happened to me.

So this will be a short post, and I'll just say have a great evening.

Wow! I'm acting dyslexic  again. Maybe it's the pollen.



I found this article on io9 about Red Dwarf!

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