Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Big News Today Is Steve Canyon!

John has a new post up on his Steve Canyon blog. He put it up in between instructions for changes/improvements on the volume 2 front and back covers. 

This has been a nonstop marathon of intense work for him for a while now. I had an intermission from the cover work  because he was trying to fit his schedule into a match with a long list of other people who added information about the making of the Steve Canyon episodes. I was shoved aside while all that was happening.

Today, I woke up, checked my email, and before I finished reading it all, an email from John came in with information about the changes he wanted on the cover. I've been working on it ever since.

So, at this point, it looks like the outside front and back covers are done. We have one disk label that he likes, and two versions of the second disk label which he's going to decide between.

That leaves the inside covers to do. The inside back cover is just a list of the episodes on the disks along with the names of the guest stars and the people doing the extras on that episode. So, I'll have to format the text once John writes/compiles it, but there won't be a lot to do on that, and what there will be will all be stuff that's either right or wrong.

It's the inside front cover that's the part I'm working on now. John doesn't want me to comment on what I'm doing before it's done, so I'll quit talking about it now.


Today, I tracked down information on my bluetooth headset on the internet, and read the instructions again. I discovered that I remembered most of what you need to do to get it to sync with a phone, but not all. So, I gave it another try, and it synched with my phone like a dream!

I'm also finding that the things I didn't like about my phone were all things that I just hadn't learned to do yet. And they're all things that are as easy to do as the Sidekick, just a bit different.

And there are so many things about it that I'm just tickled with. I love being able to click on maps, and have it show me an aerial view of where I am. When I'm at home, it shows a satellite view of my apartment building, and it even shows where I am in the building. If I had been standing in front of the building when the satellite took the photo, you'd be able to see me. The satellite view has arrows drawn in on Old Bridge Road that show the direction of traffic, but there's a little one-way drive in the complex I live in that doesn't have arrows drawn because you can clearly see the arrows drawn on the pavement of the street!


I'm almost to the toe of the second sock I'm making out of the yarn I bought at JoAnn Fabrics during my local store's grand opening celebration (which was really more of a Look!-We've-Moved! celebration).


I had intended to watch the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy today on TNT, but that was before I discovered that today was going to be Steve Canyon day. Since there isn't enough time to watch the whole thing left in the rest of today, it looks like Steve won.

I hope you're having a great weekend!

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