Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Wow! I just got a case of deja vu. It seems like only 28 days since I last said this.

I hope you're enjoying the second of two Fridays the thirteenth in two months.


Vicki Howell has a new book coming out, Pop Goes Crochet, and she's got a contest going on over on her blog to win a signed copy of her new book. Check it out!


I saw this note on FaceBook: "John Ellis is glad things went well last nite..the reception & screening was a BIG hit & John Ellis even interviewed Milton Caniff (!) via some hocus-pocus & razzle-dazzle."

I'm so glad it's going well, and I'm dying to find out how he interviewed Milton!


Holly called last night. We're going out tomorrow! It'll be so nice to see her again. Ever since the headlights on her car died just before Christmas, I saw her at Christmas and one other time. That's twice in two and a half months. I miss her!

Have a great evening, and don't miss the brand new episode of Dollhouse!

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