Sunday, March 22, 2009


I ran across some news for Middleman fans today. First there is an article about it on TV Shows on DVD. Then there is a picture of the new DVD's cover on the Middleblog. The DVD will be premiering at Comic-Con in San Diego. I really hope John gets a chance to go to this, because I want some first-hand information!

I just can't wait for the DVD to be out!


Well, Friday, I had so much stuff to say that I felt like I was going to explode. Then, yesterday, there wasn't a thing I wanted to post.

Holly and I went out for the day, and had a lot of fun.

She stopped at my place first, and started a new baby blanket she's making for a friend. The yarn is beautiful. If you click that link, I think it's the color called boys and girls. Hers seems to have more lavender/blue in it, though, so it might be a different color, but the same type of self-patterning yarn. She's making a circular blanket, so the center (where you start) is really tricky for a bit until you get going. She's doing the center using magic loop, rather than DPs, and she's almost up to the point where she can just knit around without the loops on a 24 inch circular needle. It'll be much easier after that. The center, so far, is so beautiful that it's almost making me want to run out and buy some yarn and make one, too.

I have a sock I'm working on (yet--I got to the toe and ran out of yarn in that ball, so I frogged back to the leg and made it a half inch shorter), plus the moebius hood for the House Cup KAL, the Christmas stockings I need to start, and another project that I might get paid for.

So, I really don't need another project to start.

But the baby blanket is so beautiful! I really should've taken a picture.

We went to Michaels, and discovered that they're still talking about all the wonderful yarns that they'll be getting in for Spring, but don't have in the store yet. There were areas of shelves that were totally empty which they had attempted to cover with big signs telling about the wonderful yarn that would be there someday.

I have news for them! It's Spring already, and the Spring projects that people want to knit should be nearing completion at this point, not waiting in limbo for yarn to start them. At the rate they're going, the Spring yarn will arrive this Summer, just in time to knit projects for the Fall! This is so stupid I cannot believe it!

Then we went to the new JoAnn Fabrics store, which is just bursting with all the yarn that Michaels doesn't have! I'm going to be doing two more Christmas stockings for the family that ordered the first five, so I bought the yarn for them while I was there, plus a really nice pair of scissors, perfect for clipping seams once I get back to sewing. I need a nice table to put my sewing machine on so that I can leave it out all the time. Otherwise, I'll never get any sewing done. I also want a chair that I can use with the table for sewing, and at my computer, too.

While we were there, Holly got a pair of stretchy gloves that are intended to help with hands that do too much and are overstressed. They also have wrist support built in. She plans to wear them not only for knitting, but also for work, so this was a good buy for her. 

Then, we went to the nice WalMart in the area. This is the one I have to take two buses to get to. The one that has a good selection of yarn and other things, not the nearby one that doesn't have 25 percent of what I went to shop at WalMart for on a regular basis.

We finished up with a loooong meal at Ruby Tuesday, and a nice long time to talk and have fun.

I got to a point in the moebius hood last night where I could finish the moebius part. I was able to get it around my shoulders, and it's good enough, so far, that I can see that this is almost certainly going to work if I persevere and finish it. I think it will be nicer if it's a little wider, though, so I'm continuing for another five inches to see if that makes an improvement. I suspect it will. It was workable, but the back of it wanted to slide up the back of my head, so I think just a little longer may solve that fit problem.

I wished I'd had it finished so I could wear it yesterday, along with the matching poncho I plan to knit. I wore the right clothes for being out in the weather yesterday. It's still a bit chilly around here. I think it was supposed to go up to about 50 or 55 yesterday.

But for riding around in a car that had been parked in the sun for a while, it was way too warm.

I hope you've been having a great weekend!


  1. Actuall the color is called Easter Basket

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