Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quiet Sunday

It's been a quiet day. I found some great skies to photograph for a project I'm doing that I can't talk about at the moment, and I've been knitting away on the poncho I'm making.

This is the same blue tweed I used for the mobius hood, which is nearly finished, by the way. I just need to darn in some ends, and tweak it a bit. I think it may look better around my shoulders with some gentle blocking, and I might like either a button and button loop or some ties. Maybe not. But I need to try it on and fiddle with it to make it look it's best.  And there's not much time to do that, so I should get busy on it.

But I've been having so much fun with the poncho, which is a tried-and-true pattern for me, which means it doesn't need all that adjusting for fit. I know what to do, and I know how it will fit.


Yesterday, Holly and I went out and had fun.

We stopped at Lowes and got new keys. Holly got a front door key that is black with pink rhinestone hearts on it. I copied my apartment key and gave her the copy. The guy who copied my key said I couldn't get any pretty blanks for it, just plain silver. There was a short discussion about the pros and cons of coating the handle with enamel and then adding designs.

Then we went and Holly got a brand new G1 phone from T-Mobile. It's black, like her other one, and they put her old phone number in it, and she left with a working duplicate of her old phone, complete with all phone numbers and information. It may have cost a lot to replace, but the rest of the trauma is significantly missing. As soon as you start up the G1, it asks you a few simple questions to identify you, and then loads all your information on the phone. It takes less than five minutes.

We each had coupons for 50% off on one item from AC Moore, so we went to check it out. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything that they had before that I wanted, and they also had nothing new that either of us wanted. They had more of the sock yarn that I got last time, but I have enough projects to work on that I didn't want to get more yarn like that at the moment. We both walked out with nothing.

We went to dinner at Carrabba's, and I discovered (thanks to my phone) that there is one almost right around the corner from me. I really had no idea that it was there. The phone not only told me where the restaurant was, but also gave me a map of how to get there from where I was, and it kept offering me a menu! I really love my G1!

In short, we had our usual good time.

I hope you've been having a great weekend!

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