Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two Days to the Fall Fiber Fest!

OK, it's not as good as the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, but the Fall Fiber Fest is the thing that keeps me going in between Sheep and Wool Festivals.

I just checked the weather forecast for the area in question instead of Northern Virginia, and it couldn't be better if we had been able to choose! I just need to know if there's a mud advisory, which the weather people have not judged to be important enough to report.


It's a good thing that I put the schedule up yesterday, because I was notified of a change in it last night. The trip to the Renfair will not be on the 18th as scheduled, but on the 11th due to a change in schedule where Malaia works.


I am currently in the middle of binding off on the light blue poncho I've been working on. It's turning out nice.


This is what it looked like yesterday. It's now a bit longer, and the border is a smidge over seven inches rather than the five inches shown here. Bind off is in progress, and it should be finished by tomorrow.


Yesterday, John and I put some more finishing touches on the cover for the first of the new Steve Canyon DVDs. We have some alternate colors in contention for the color of the title. There was some loose talk about showing all three colorways and asking people to vote, but it's not up on the blog yet, and I'm wondering if it's going to happen. John has already warned me about telling people what he's going to do.

John has not been feeling his best, and had most of yesterday get sucked away by a doctor's appointment (with a multi-hour wait), getting prescriptions filled, and then collapsing in exhaustion. If the poll goes up on the blog, it may not be until later today. Maybe even tomorrow.


As mentioned yesterday, Supernatural (the CW) will be on tonight, and Sanctuary will premier on the SciFi Channel.

Have a great day!

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