Saturday, October 25, 2008

Don't Blink!

The episode of Doctor Who entitled Blink will be on BBC in America later today and sometime tomorrow. This usually means that it will be on at least once next weekend, too.

This may be the best Doctor Who episode ever, even though the doctor only appears as a peripheral character. It's a little horror story, perfect for the Halloween season, and it stands on it's own, even if you're not interested in the Doctor.

Check your TV schedules, and don't miss it!


Back last summer, Holly and I went to see Stephanie Pearl McPhee at Borders nearby, and while we were there, we met a wonderful woman named Tonks. There is a newspaper story out about her, and it tells a lot that I was completely unaware of. She's a great lady that you will be enriched by reading about. If you're a member of Ravelry, check out her projects from the first link.


It's a rainy, chilly Saturday, and I'm not going to bother to do much of anything today except knit and watch TV. I had planned to go to the grocery store, but today is one of those days that make retirement worthwhile. You can look out the window at how dreary it looks and just not go out at all.

It's not raining, but otherwise, this is a very appropriate photo for your enjoyment.

Have a great weekend!

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