Sunday, October 5, 2008

GREAT Fall Fiber Fest!

Here's a small glimpse of the Fall Fiber Fest on Saturday.

Spinning wheels and fiberarts everywhere!

Holly and I went by ourselves and had a great time. The weather was heavenly. It couldn't have been better if we had been able to plan it ourselves! It was sunny all day, and at no time was I too warm or too cold. And there was no mud! After the mud fest of 2006, this is always a concern. Who could ask for more?

Holly got a Christmas present for someone. I won't tell what the present is or who it's for, but she was very happy with it, and I think that the recipient will love it, too. She also bought some yarn for a scarf she plans to make. It's going to be really nice!

Now that I started making my own socks, I've found that it's much easier to do the kitchner stitch at the toe with a darning egg, and I've been thinking about getting one, which I actually did at the FFF. I got this from Knitting Notions, a very beautiful darning egg made from poplar. This feels so nice in your hand, like it just fits and belongs there. I love it!

I  looked around at everything else. I was hoping for some nice light blue wool yarn with some silk neps for a tweedy look to make a wimple to go with my new coat. But there was nothing of that description. I found some beautiful self-patterning sock yarn that was not what I had planned on, but would have made a beautiful wimple, but it would have cost $40 for enough yarn for the wimple, and after buying the egg, I just didn't have it.

I also found some beautiful light grey alpaca for $25 that was out of my league. I've seen some publicity photos of the making of the Half Blood Prince where Hermione is wearing a knitted cap in light grey, and I've been looking for something to make it in. So, that would have been perfect. Actually, she's wearing a knitted scarf in the photo that would be interesting to make, too.

I found some nice wool and tencel fiber that would have been perfect to spin to make a wimple. But I went back to get the egg, thinking that if it was there, I'd just buy 4 ounces of the merino/tencel, and if it wasn't, I'd buy 12 ounces. When I came back it was gone.

So, Holly and I left, and I was happy about the egg, but sad that I hadn't gotten some yarn or fiber for the wimple.

But the universe had other good things in store for me.

Holly wanted to stop to get something to eat, and we found a Carabbas Restaurant and had a great dinner. But the restaurant was just a few doors down from an AC Moore, and we stopped in and I bought some more of the beautiful tweed that I had used for the Celtic sweater, but now didn't have enough of. 

It turned out to be a really wonderful day!

Friday, I finished the poncho I was making, but didn't get around to taking a photo of it until today. So, here it is:

Over on the Steve Canyon blog, the votes are still poring in for the cover for the first of the Steve Canyon series DVDs. Go over there and vote, if you haven't already!

Life on Mars
is on the BBC in America today, and I want to take the day off and sit and watch it. It's already started, but I'm recording it. I have to go check it, though, because I don't think there's enough space on the disk to record all of it, so I have to get something off of there real soon.

Have a great time with what little weekend is left!

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