Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mischief Night

The wimple I'm making as a Christmas present is doing very well. It's about an inch or two from the top edging, so I expect to finish it tonight. Here's what it looked like a little earlier today. This was taken in some sunlight, and has made the colors much warmer than they really are.

Continuing in knitting news, my late birthday present from Holly arrived today!

It's a set of Knit Picks Options nickel needles! I am sooooo excited. I love the options nickel needles. I ordered one pair of Options Harmony needle tips to try them out. So many people on Ravelry keep saying that they like them better. I find that difficult to imagine, but I haven't tried them, so I shouldn't say things until I know.

I have been corresponding with a person on Etsy who makes cases for these. Check it out here. I'm hoping that when you look at her store you'll actually be able to see some of the beautiful cases she makes. There were a bunch a few days ago, and they're almost gone. But she's going to make one for me with white stars on a navy background with a grosgrain ribbon fastened with a couple of D-rings (I think). I told here to take her time, but I can hardly wait!

Once I get my sewing machine set up, I'm thinking of seeing if I can get some ultrasuede scraps and make a better bag for myself. I think I want to use the one that someone else has perfected before I do that, though. She uses Options needles and made these cases specifically for them, so I tend to think she knows what she's doing.

I was surprised at how compact the whole set is. It took up less than 1/2 an inch in height in the bottom of the box! Even with the addition of a bunch of cables and end caps, safety pins (to use instead of the keys provided), rubber grippers (for tightening the tips) and a set of label tags for using the tips elsewhere, it's still not very thick. I love the set the way it is, but I'm going to love the new case for it even more.


John and I have continued working on the Steve Canyon on TV Volume 1 DVD. Well, I've been doing a little. John has been going crazy putting together extras for it. Interviewing people, and just assembling lots of information. He and others helping him find even more photos every so often.

Find out more about it here, here, and at the link above.

I'm in the enviable position to hear all about it as it happens, and it's exciting. He just finished interviewing Marion Ross, and some others, and I get to hear him bubbling over about how wonderful they all are.

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride, and this is only the first one.


So, I'm going to be doing a lot of knitting tonight during all the fun stuff on TV.

First of all, the best horror show ever on TV, Supernatural will have a new episode on tonight, and although their general quality is excellent, I suspect that they'll have something special planned for mischief night.

There's also Eleventh Hour and Life on Mars. Check your local listings and enjoy. I will!


Here's a warning for tomorrow night. Watch and learn!

Good luck! Don't let them soap up your car!



Some friends of mine are having their own private "trick or treat" this Halloween. They are doing everything to avoid losing their home. They have until the end of the month to come up with money, and they are short at this point. If you want to help them and all the animals they've rescued from shelters avoid becoming homeless, you can visit here and donate. Please click on the link and see what you'll be contributing to before you decide.

We're all in this economy together, and we need to help each other. Tell your friends!

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