Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Enough Time

There are a ton of things I should be doing today instead of writing this, so I'll try to be quick.

Yesterday, disaster struck my Celtic sweater. 

I was nearly out of stuff to drink, and pulled a 20 ounce Coke bottle out of the refrigerator to take some pills with. I set it on the coffee table without it's cap. Then, I went to pick it up and put the cap on, and bumped it instead of picking it up. It fell over sideways with it's open top directly above the sweater which was waiting for me to continue knitting.

I mopped it up pretty quickly, but there were big, brown marks directly across the cross on the back and one shoulder.

It's now washed (circular needle and all) and drying in my bathroom. It smells like wet sheep.

So, I was looking around for another project to knit while it dries.

Fortunately, I had just come across some yarn I bought about a year ago, made a poncho from, and forgot about the rest.

I had been looking for some nice, natural fiber yarn to make a Christmas present from for two people on my list without success. I can find some beautiful natural fiber yarns, but not in lavender. At least, not a nice lavender. Most of them look almost pink.

So, I started the first of two wimples which will be Christmas presents last night at about 7 pm. Here's what it looks like this morning:

So, the stain from the Coke seems to have washed out, and I have a wonderful project while it dries. There may be other accessories to go with the wimple. We'll see how much yarn is left.

And my friend James, over at his blog, is showing off one project he made from one of my patterns:

He also has another post showing off what he did with my mitts pattern. I love his yarns and the things he does with them!


After the general unpacking surge that went on here recently, I've found some things that I want to sell, so I'm telling you about them first.

There's a really cute little loom. This is an older loom, and no longer really sturdy. It folds flat, and would be a wonderful decoration, or an actual, workable loom, if you don't feel that you need lots of tension to weave. If you're interested, make an offer in the comments.

I also have a distaff for sale. Made by Ashford, this was intended to be used on an Ashford Traditional wheel, but could be attached to any upright, 1 inch thick piece of wood (table leg, whatever). I have a photo of it somewhere, but have misplaced it. If you're interested, leave a comment.


Reading other blogs today, I was confronted with this photo:

Which is titled "Famous Steve's balls."  You can see why. Read the whole article at Turtlegirl's Bloggy Thing, and read Famous Steve's blog for more info on the creator of the hat.


There is a rerun on Fringe this evening, but a brand-new The Mentalist tonight. Sorry about the lack of links. I have to go and get some things done before it rains again.

Have a great evening!

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